At DriverFix, we're devoted to maintaining transparency and helping our customers understand our services and what their subscription provides. We understand that recent adjustments to our operations may be causing uncertainty, and it's our priority to ensure that you're well-informed and reassured during this transition.

We've made a strategic decision to halt the processing of new transactions and discontinue all automatic renewals. For our existing customers who have already made payments, we want to reaffirm that we're committed to supporting our product and delivering technical services right up to the conclusion of your billing cycle.

We appreciate that these changes may raise questions. To help you navigate this transition, we've assembled a list of potential questions along with detailed and friendly responses


As a new user, can I still purchase a subscription?

We regret to inform you that we're no longer accepting new subscriptions. We've reached the end of the lifecycle for our current product, but we wish to assure you that your service will continue until your subscription concludes.

I had an automatic renewal set up, do I need to manually renew my subscription now?

We truly appreciate your dedication to our product. However, as we transition to the end of our product lifecycle, we have discontinued all renewals, be they automatic or manual.

What will happen when my current subscription ends?

We value your relationship with us. Once your current subscription concludes, our technical support and product services will cease. However, our customer support team will remain available to address queries and concerns.

I've paid for my subscription, will I still receive support and updates?

Absolutely! We remain dedicated to our existing customers. Regardless of these changes, you will continue to receive technical support and any necessary updates to ensure your product works until the end of your billing cycle.

What exactly is the "end of the billing cycle"?

The "end of the billing cycle" refers to the date up to which you've paid for your DriverFix service. Beyond this date, your subscription and the accompanying services will conclude. If you're uncertain about when your billing cycle ends, please refer to the confirmation email you received from us at the time of purchase or feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Will I get a refund if my subscription was automatically renewed before you announced these changes?

We empathize with your concern, and we will continue to provide technical support and maintain the functionality of your product until the end of your billing cycle for the renewal period. In addition, we will honor requests for refunds within 60 days of renewal, consistent with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

Are there any changes to the features and functionalities of DriverFix due to this update?

We will continue to support and maintain the existing product features and functionalities for all current subscribers until their respective billing cycles end.

Can I still contact customer support for help?

Absolutely! Our dedicated customer support team will remain available to assist you throughout your remaining subscription period. We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

If my subscription ends, can I extend it?

As we are in the process of discontinuing our current product, we unfortunately won't be able to extend any subscriptions. We thank you for your understanding during this transition.

What will happen if I encounter a problem after my billing cycle has ended?

We regret that after the conclusion of your billing cycle, we won't be able to provide further support or services. However, our customer support team will remain available to help address any non-technical queries you may have.

How will this change affect my user experience with DriverFix?

As long as your subscription is active, your user experience and the performance of your DriverFix product should remain unchanged.

Can I still download and install DriverFix on a new device?

In line with our decision to halt new transactions, the ability to download and install DriverFix on new devices will be unavailable. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

What will happen to my account data after the end of my billing cycle?

Our handling of your account data will adhere to our existing data retention policy. Your account data may be stored or deleted depending on the specifics of this policy. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Is this change temporary or permanent?

This change is permanent as DriverFix is transitioning to the end of its product life cycle. We truly appreciate your understanding during this period.

How will I be notified about any future changes in DriverFix's policy or operation?

Any significant changes will be communicated via our official website and, where appropriate, directly via email.

As an existing user, how do these changes affect the functionality and performance of my current DriverFix product?

There should be no impact on the functionality and performance of your DriverFix product.

Will there be any updates or improvements to the DriverFix software for existing users during the remaining period of their billing cycle?

If necessary, we will continue to roll out updates to ensure the software performs for the remainder of your billing cycle.