Unable to detect video source.
Your out-of-date video driver is preventing video from playing.
Please update your drivers and try again.

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Why should you scan your PC?

DriverFix will scan your computer and identify missing or outdated Graphics Card drivers. DriverFix has a database of
over 19 million device driver files. Updating the drivers on your PC will solve common problems and incompatibilities.

Are you experiencing any of these
common video problems?

  • No video or display on your computer's monitor.
  • Monitor only shows low or limited resolutions.
  • Video playback is slow and choppy and appears behind the audio.
  • Incorrect color schemes.
  • Windows doesn't recognize your graphics card.
  • Error messages complaining about compatibility with your monitor.
  • Flickering images or missing graphics.
  • Slow performance while playing a game.
  • Your PC automatically crashes and restarts.

DRIVERFix® has the latest device drivers for all Windows Operating Systems


Graphics Card Problems

Video Driver problems can be caused by an array of issues. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you many need to update your video drivers to fix the problem:

  • An update to the video driver failed or was not completed correctly.
  • Accidentally overwrite existing video driver files when installing new software.
  • Accidentally overwrite existing video driver files when uninstalling software.
  • Viruses and other malware can damage or overwrite files.
  • Your video driver files are out of date.
  • The video driver is missing or corrupt.
  • The video device is damaged.
  • *full repairs starting at $14.95

Update Your Drivers with DriverFix!