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Most computers begin to suffer stability problems with continued use, although to a different degree that may depend on different factors. In particular, allowing your unknown device drivers to become outdated will hinder the performance of your computer. New driver updates are released periodically to fix bugs, help communication issues, and add new features and increased stability to your computer.


The most effective way to keep your PC up-to-date is with the help of special software that will safely scan your Windows PC and inform you with a list of out-of-date, damaged, or missing device drivers – download here

*full repairs starting at $14.95

Types of Drivers Supported for unknown
Video Cards
Audio Cards
Optical Disk Drivers
Wireless Network Cards
MFP Devices
Hard Drives
Bluetooth Monitors
Ways to repair Windows PC driver issues

Advanced PC users may be able to fix Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 problems by manually using the Device Manager. Users may be able to obtain device drivers directly from their PC or device manufacturer website. Users may seek professional help from an IT technician, who can help find each device driver by comparing the dates of the installed unknown driver with the unknown driver on various websites, or by relying on Windows Update by Microsoft for their latest device drivers. However, since any installing of .cab or setup files can carry a risk of rendering the device or operating system inoperable, whenever a user is in any doubt of their technical skills or knowledge, they should only use special software that provides safe PC driver updates and is meant to fix device driver issues and other computer problems without requiring any special skills.

Safe way to fix Windows PC driver issues:

  • Step 1: Click here to download the driver repair application
  • Step 2: Install and launch the application
  • Step 3: Scan for outdated and missing device drivers
  • Step 4: Click the Update Your Drivers Now button when scan is completed
  • Step 5: Follow on-screen prompts to install each driver
Symptoms of Windows PC driver issues

The most common symptoms of PC driver errors are situations where your hardware or devices don't seem to be working or communicating with Windows properly. A great example of this is when you purchase a new all-in-one printer and can't get it connected to your PC. Or maybe you were able to get it connected to your PC to print, but can't figure out how to get the printer to scan documents and share them with your PC. Another common symptom is when the audio or video playback of media files is choppy or non-responsive. Networking issues are also very common. You may not be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network, or maybe aren't experiencing the speeds that you should be seeing. All of these problems are signs that your drivers need to be updated.

Causes of Windows PC driver issues

The cause for these PC driver issues are typically due to outdated or missing device drivers on your PC. The driver is the software needed for Windows to communicate with your hardware. If the driver is missing, your device will fail to communicate. This can happen after a Windows OS update or after a PC crash. If the driver is outdated, the software may not have the latest information or instructions to send to Windows. There may be support for a new model of a device or new features and functionality that the driver can offer to help your PC to run efficiently. For an inexperienced user, updating drivers manually can be a time consuming and confusing process.

Driver Repair Tool

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  • Step 1: Download the Driver repair tool
  • Step 2: Install and launch the application
  • Step 3: Scan for outdated and missing device drivers
  • Step 4: Click the "Update Your Drivers Now" button when scan is completed
  • Step 5: Follow on-screen prompts to install each driver
  • Software Name: DriverFix
  • Total downloads: 50,000,000+
  • Download size: 1.3 mb
  • Download time: dsl: 5sec, dialup: 3min
  • Compatibility: Win 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista & XP

Requirements: 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 20 MB HDD

DriverFix scans your computer for the following types of driver issues: Outdated or missing printer drivers, network card drivers, audio drivers, graphics card drivers, usb drivers, chipset drivers, and many more.
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